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Monthly TV & Antenna Heater Giveaway *

Contest Rules


All new and referring customers will be entered in our new monthly drawing to win a 32" HD TV. See list of winners in the TV Sales section. 

* MINIMUM OF 10 NEW ACTIVATION'S, Must qualify as Elite or Plus. AND 10 HOPPER 3 UPGRADES, Must qualify as Plan A, PER MONTH FOR CONTEST. 

If minimum is not met customers will be carried over to the next month. 

32" HD Smart TV

Keep Those Referrals Coming

If you need a referral code call the office and we can help you obtain your certificate number. 

Thanks for being a loyal customer to Empire Wireless LLC

'It's because of you, our loyal customers that we are able to hold this contest. And this is our GREAT BIG THANK YOU!'

Raub Sr

About Us



Raub Sr's experience spans 35 years in the field of satellite systems. Starting way back in the C Band days. When that was the only thing available in rural America and it was expensive. Most systems had to financed.  

We are one of the original Dish Authorized Dealers.  Raub used to place orders directly with CEO Charlie Ergon.


 Empire Wireless has has taken on several companies so we can offer a greater selection to our customer. We now represent 6 different companies. Satellite Television Provider for Dish & Directv. Sales agent for Spectrum And Internet Service Provider for HughesNet, and Exede. As well as TV and CB Radio Sales.  


 We do a lot of advertising. However, most of our business comes directly from our customers.  This is a great compliment for us. But, this is not a one way street. Most customers who send a referral are paid directly by us or we use a referral program offered by one of our companies.  

More reasons to choose us below.

our customers are important

Customer Contact

Every phone call is handled with care. It is important to us that our customerS feel take care of.

No Up Selling

We will not up sell anyone that calls us. We fit every sale to the customers needs, wants and budget. 

Problem Solving

We help every customer to best of our ability. Sometimes are hands are tided, but we advice to the best plan of action to solve the problem or issue. 

Quality Installations

Raub Sr & Raub Jr have a combined 53 years of experience with satellite systems. 

Raub Sr often advises technicians, on our dealer portal, looking for help with troubleshooting related to installations issues. 

Knowledge of the Industry

Because we represent so many companies we know all the current offers. No need to call mutliply companies to see what the best deal is, we have all that information at our finger tips.