internet provider

Location, Location, Location

Internet, like real estate is based on location. 

Your address and your devices are your locations. Whether it be desktops, laptops, pads, or  android phones.

3 Choices

Cable, Phone line & Satellite.

Our knowledge of the area gives you the advantage. We will advise you as to what is working best at your location. Whether you are looking for internet service, internet companies or an internet provider, we have your solution.

Selections below.

Wifi, FireStick, Netflix, App's

All this technology can be confusing.

A lot of people don't realize these things won't work without an internet connection.

Exciting new plans available

150 GB Packages

Limited time availability 

3 Year Price Locks

Choice of speeds, WiFi included

Call today for installs

We can get you set up and running within days



Our best selling Satellite internet provider. Higher capacity and  faster speeds has made this a great choice.

HughesNet Gen5

Part of the Dish Network Products. In the past we would not sell this product. However, new technology has made this a viable product to combine with your current Dish Account. 


aka TimeWarner, Charter. Fast, Unlimited Data. Great if it is available at your location. Highly recommended. 


Good for surfing, can be combine with DishTV.

Satellite Demo's in Showroom

Leary of satellite internet, stop in with your own device and try our demo units. 

Advances in satellite technology has made this a viable solution for many homes in rural areas.